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Global SIM Card


✔ Superior Savings on mobile calls in 200+ countries.
✔ Free incoming calls in 128 countries.
✔ Free incoming SMS text messages everywhere.
✔ Earn reward miles and bonus minutes.


How does the Global SIM Card work?

The Global SIM Card is a small chip that you insert into the back of any unlocked GSM phone. Each Global SIM Card comes with a unique European mobile number where your contacts can reach you (US or UK numbers are also available).

When you make calls the system uses a simple callback process to connect you to the destination number. It involves a slightly different but simple process of dialing out.

How do I install a Global SIM card?

Turn your phone off, open the battery housing (located in the back of your phone), remove the existing SIM Card (if applicable), and insert your Global SIM Card. Store the existing SIM card in a safe place.

It might take a few seconds for the handset to find a mobile network, but as soon as it does the service is ready to use. Note: if the phone asks for the PIN Number, enter the default number -0000- and click
-OK-. To avoid entering the PIN every time you turn on your phone with UWT mobile SIM, change the PIN setting from your phone's SIM options menu.

To place a call dial: the « + » sign or « 00 » followed by the country code and the phone number and press the -Call- or -Send- key. Your handset will display a -Calling- or -Wait for Call- message and start ringing in a few seconds (certain phones may display a different message such as -call cannot be processed-. This is normal. Just wait until your phone starts ringing). Answer the call as you usually do and you will be connected in seconds to the number dialed.


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