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International Calling

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International Phone Call

Information on International Phone Calls

With the current trends in the job market and the globalization of corporations, many people are forced to relocate from their native countries, leaving behind their families and friends. Keeping in touch with these loved ones via an international phone call can get very expensive. To simply pick up the phone and dial an international phone call directly can have extremely high minute-by-minute calling rates. There are ways, however, to substantially reduce these high international phone rates. Global Call Connect by United World Telecom is one such method of cutting international phone call costs more than in half.

Global Call Connect provides you with your own access number to call and gain access to our network with the lowest cost on quality international phone calls. This will allow you to make many more international phone calls for the same price it costs you to make one international phone call in the traditional way. This means you can keep in contact with more people while staying within your budget.

There are other available methods of placing an international phone call, too. International phone cards also provide low rates on international phone calls. Another alternative is international callback. Depending on your situation, United World Telecom has the international phone calling solution that is best for you.

Placing an international phone call does not need to be difficult and expensive. Using UWT's international phone call solutions provides the most simple and easy-to-understand way to save money on your international calls without sacrificing quality in the connection. In many cases, the quality is even better than a traditional expensive international phone call.

The cost savings for international phone calls depends on your country. Some countries have greater savings than others, but wherever you are you will save a great deal of money on your international phone calls by simply using international phone call services from United World Telecom.