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International Calling

Save up to 80% on International Calls. Select Your International Calling Service Now

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With modern carrier costs on international phone calls, international calling can be very expensive. Some companies offer lower termination rates, but sacrifice the quality of the calls. There are many ways, however, to reduce international calling costs without sacrificing the quality of the calls. These methods include International Callback, Global Call Connect, and VoIP calling.
UWT's International Callback service allows customers to access USA rates for international calls to and from any country. Since international calls from the U.S. are generally much cheaper than international calls from other countries, this service cuts costs of international calling by up to eighty percent.
Another international calling service offered by UWT is Global Call Connect. This service allows you to dial your destination directly and places you in an international calling network that chooses the best and most inexpensive carrier for each individual international call. Since different carriers have different costs for each country, the ability to select the best carrier for each call gets you the best price and best connection for each call you place.

UWT's VoIP calling service uses your Internet connection to connect your call. This is very inexpensive since your call is not going through a traditional phone line. Anyone with a broadband Internet connection can use VoIP for international calling.
Other international calling services are available too, including international calling cards. Using international phone cards is convenient because it allows you to do your international calling from any phone.
The reason for the increasing costs of international calling is the increasing demand for placing international phone calls. This demand is brought on by more and more companies globalizing their markets and by increased travel of people to other countries.
Explore all of the international calling services that are currently available and select the one that works best for you and your situation. Some international calling services are better depending on what you are using it for and where you are using it from, so make sure you understand each service before making your selection.
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