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What is CallMe800?

UWT provides toll free (800, 866, 888) numbers in many countries across the world along with a variety of phone services to compliment your telecommunication needs. Once you purchase or port your toll free number, you will be able to set up call forwarding. This service redirects incoming calls from your toll free number over to your private or business line (mobile, land, or VoIP) anywhere in the world. Many successful international businesses utilize call forwarding to establish a virtual presence in foreign markets without having a physical being there.


In addition to call forwarding, UWT offers a suite of other features to help customize your business' system of telecommunication.

How CallMe800 works

1. Select the country and area code your toll free number will be located in.
2. Enter your destination number where the calls will be forwarded to.
3. Select the plan which best suits your monthly minutes consumption.
4. Enter your contact and payment information and activate your toll free number.


Once your number is active, you are ready to start receiving calls to your new toll free number.

Features and Advantages

Simultaneous Ringing

Forward incoming calls to two or more phone numbers simultaneously. Each phone will ring at the same time until the call is answered on one of the devices. For example, you can program incoming calls to ring to your cell phone, office phone, and even your assistant's phone all at once, until one of the phones is picked up.

Flexible Forwarding

UWT's call forwarding service allows you to redirect incoming calls to any of your devices (mobile, land-based, VoIP), anywhere in the world.

Changing Your Destination Number

You are able to change the number to which your calls are forwarded to at any time. Simply log into your UWT control panel online or call our customer service representatives to make the switch.


This feature gives you the option to receive fax transmissions to your local or toll free numbers. The fax is automatically forwarded to your email as an image file. Log into your UWT control panel to activate this feature.

Customized Greeting

Record a custom message for callers to hear while the call is being connected. A customized greeting sets a friendly, professional tone before the caller speaks to one of your receptionists. For example: "Thank you for calling LogoMakers, please wait while your call is connected to the next available representative."

Vanity Numbers

A vanity number presents a more memorable impression to customers. Numbers that are easy to remember (777-7777) or that spell out a word (444-CARS) are available in the US for a $10 set up fee.

Call Quality and Low Rates

UWT offers premium call quality from industry leading providers. You will experience little to no incomplete or busy calls and in such instances there are no connection fees. Furthermore, our competitively priced rates make UWT the best value on the market.

Simplified Account Management

Access your online control panel to adjust and customize each feature, pay your balance, view your monthly statement, and access call records.


If there any questions or concerns throughout your experience with UWT, feel free to call our customer service or technical help specialists.

No Commitment

Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract and no commitment!

Advanced Forwarding

Program where and when incoming calls are forwarded to by the time and day of the week. For example: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm calls are forwarded to your office phone and all other times of the week calls are forwarded to voicemail. You also have the option to forward to multiple phones simultaneously or set up a sequence of ring-to numbers.

Voice Mail features

The advanced voicemail feature allows you to control a number of different options. For example, forward messages to your email as audio files or change your voicemail greeting for different times of day when you are in or out of the office.

Availability and Applicable Fees

Click here for the list of countries where CallMe800 is currently available for toll free numbers.

Additional Information

When you sign up for the CallMe800 service, you will receive a unique Toll Free Number assigned only for your personal account. You can have a toll free number from the USA, Canada or over 30 other countries. When your toll free number is dialed (by a friend, colleague, customer or a relative of yours), the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number through our telecommunications network, wherever you are in the world! Business use: If your company has clients located in a different country, the CallMe800 service will allow these clients to call you at no charge to them! Our toll free service will help your business grow faster. Personal use: If you travel to different countries on a regular basis, toll free call forwarding is what you need. The CallMe800 forwarding service allows you to give your family and friends a personalized toll free number where they can call and reach you at any time, at no charge to them, regardless of what country you might be in today.


If you need a personal toll free number that can forward calls to any country in the world, CallMe800 is the service you are looking for!


1. Are there any minimum usage requirements?
There are no minimum usage requirements for this service.
2. What are the worldwide rates for this service?
Please check our rates above. Select the country you will be calling from and the applicable rates will appear.
3. How long does it take to open my new account?
For USA and Canada numbers it will take up to 2 business days to open your account from the time you send us your request for service. Other countries may take up to 6 weeks depending on the country. Please contact us for more details.
4. Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same?
Please go to our availability link to see the details of available access methods (from Mobile or Payphone) for each country. The rates will be the same if there are no specific rate breakdowns based on Payphone and Mobile originations for a specific country. Use the dropdown lists above to view rates. Calls from USA payphones using toll free numbers are subject to a mandatory FCC access fee of $0.69 per call.
5. Can this service handle multiple calls and are there additional charges for this feature?
Yes, it can handle up to 20 rollover lines (can be expanded upon special request) and there is $1 monthly charge for each additional rollover line.
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