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Call Forwarding

Get More Calls – Fill Your Sales Pipeline – Grow Your Business


Local and Toll Free numbers can generate as much as 30% increase in sales.

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Available Call Forwarding Features
This feature allows you to record all your inbound calls or just a smaller percentage of the calls received from any of your call forwarding service line(s) and listen to them any time.
Call Recording
Set up a greeting system to manage all your incoming calls or set up a private phone network to connect your incoming calls with your internal phone extensions.
Advanced IVR/PBX
Create your own Black & White phone number lists based on area codes or phone numbers to receive or reject calls.
Black and White Lists
Record a personalized greeting for your system to let your callers know that they will soon be connected with your phone number.
Customized Greettings
This feature is designed to find the best carrier for optimum connection and to successfully handle and minimize failover issues that may not be detected otherwise.
Failover Forwarding
Increase the local appeal of your local or toll-free number selecting any of the 40 most used ring-back tones available.
Local Ringback Tone offers the only Call Forwarding service with RollOver minutes! Upgrade your Call Forwarding plan and carry over your unused minutes from one month to the next.
Rollover Minutes
Register up to 4 back-up ring-to phone numbers that will answer your calls in case your main number is busy.
Sequential Forwarding
Forward calls from your local or toll-free number to two or more registered phone numbers.
Simultaneous Ringing
UWT-API On-Demand offers in-depth documentation online for various supported standard operations you can integrate with any operating environment.
Enable your local or toll-free number to receive and forward faxes directly to your email in-box.
Forward Fax
Transfer a customer call to a different location or call center to reach a different department or call center located anywhere in the world.
Call Transfer
This feature enables you to Forward incoming calls from your local or toll free number to different phone numbers during different time slots on any selected day.
Advanced Call Forwarding
We offer an easy-to-use Control Panel to manage your account, change settings, add services, set up or modify the advanced features, change your ring-to numbers, and to view call details, etc.
Online Account Management
Set up the voicemail to answer when your phone is busy or activate "Do Not Disturb" to send calls to your voicemail. Forward voicemails to your email inbox and access them from your phone or PC.
Voicemail &
Voicemail to e-mail
This feature enables you to forward calls from a selected country code to a specific phone number. With this feature you can route calls coming from different countries to specific phone numbers.
Select Country Forwarding
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  • Citrix
  • mercer
  • SR Technics
  • Softech
  • Varolii
  • Sandhills
  • Shape Up The Nation
  • Cell Press
  • Wacom
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