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Local and Toll Free numbers can generate as much as 30% increase in sales.

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Advanced Features for Call Forwarding



Call Recording on any of your Call Forwarding Lines

✓ Reduce business and personal liability

✓ Record transactions and maintain compliance

✓ Integrates with any operating systems

✓ Improve your customer service

What is Call Recording?

Call recording is a telephone feature that enables you to automatically record your inbound calls. You are able to select any of your call forwarding number(s) to record and save calls from.

Setup is simple and the feature can be activated instantly through the United World Telecom online control panel. Once activated, all calls made to your selected number will be recorded and the file is saved for your convenience to revisit at a later time.

By default, the feature is programmed to record 100% of the call traffic received on the selected number, but you are able to change the settings and record a smaller percentage of calls. For example: record 10% of inbound calls, meaning 1 in every 10 calls received will be recorded.


Advantages of Call Recording

• Improve staff performance reviews and monitoring

• Record transactions

• Reduce business and personal liability

• Monitor and evaluate campaign ROI

• Collect valuable sales training material

• Improve customer service training

• Maintain compliance

• Reduce errors and improve quality

• Increase sales, find and recover missed opportunities


Call Recording at Competitive Rates

United World Telecom offers call recording at very affordable rates. The monthly fee and cost per minute varies with the service plan you are enrolled in. When comparing the benefits of call recording to the cost, the service essentially pays for itself.

• Basic Plan: Monthly Fee: $5.00 / Per Min. $0.030

• Value Plan: Monthly Fee: $4.00 / Per Min. $0.025

• Power Plan: Monthly Fee: $3.00 / Per Min. $0.020

• Premium Plan: Monthly Fee: $2.00 / Per Min. $0.015

• Enterprise Plan: Monthly Fee: $1.00 / Per Min. $0.01


Setting up Call Recording

For new customers, activate call recording on your selected service number(s) select the Call Recording option that corresponds to the plan you selected on the view rates page and then select "Add to Cart" to complete your call forwarding order.

For existing customers, log in to your online control panel at and select the red "Call Recording" activation button on the phone number you would like to record. The Call Recording plan and settings page will open automatically. Select the call recording plan, check your service preferences, and click save.

To verify that Call Recording has been activated on the selected service lines(s), close the call recording plan and settings page and check that all selected service lines show the "Manage Call Recording" button instead.


Call Recording with No Limitations

With United World Telecom, customers can enjoy unlimited call recording. There is no limit to the number or length of your calls you would like to record. Furthermore, recorded calls are available in storage for up to six months. Long term storage is also available and is subject to the same per minute rate. Additional storage charges will be calculated based on the total number of call minutes stored per month x corresponding per minute rate.


How to Access Recorded Calls

You may playback or download your recorded calls at anytime. Simply log into your online control panel and find the selected service line with call recording. Open the billing statement and find the month and phone call you would like to listen to and click the call recording icon.


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